Monstera Deliciosa Pot Plant (Wrapped)


Monstera Pot Plant Deliciosa wrapped and including ribbon. Approximately 65cm high

With large, glossy green, perforated and unusually segmented leaves, the monstera pot plant plant will create a jungle of lush foliage in your home or garden Potted Plants

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Monstera is a substantial climbing evergreen tropical plant that naturally scales large trees by attaching itself with long aerial roots. With majestic glossy, perforated and segmented leaves, the adult leaves grow up to 90cm in length from thick green stems. Juvenile leaves are smaller, with entire margins and no holes or perforations. Monstera can reach up to 20m in height in its natural habitat, but is more often seen growing indoors as a potted plant, where it will growing to around 4–5m tall and 2–3m wide.