Light Purple Preserved Hydrangea Bouquet


Gorgeous single light purple preserved hydrangea bouquet.

This light purple preserved hydrangea bouquet in purple wrapping is fashionable and funky and perfect to send as an upbeat floral gift for the person who likes style and class.
Standard size only. Premium and Delux Options not available preserved flower arrangements

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Hydrangeas come in a variety of hues, although blue is the most common. The meaning of hydrangeas can vary depending on the colour of the flower, but they are often seen as symbols of sincerity, gratitude, and appreciation.

Purple hydrangea flowers symbolize deep understanding. However, they carry this meaning without the notions of regret or apology. Instead, the added meaning of gratefulness makes this purple flower a wonderful option for a friendship or an enduring relationship. Additionally, purple is a traditionally regal hue. As a result, purple hydrangeas can also symbolize pride, royalty, and leadership.

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