Champagne Flowers in Vase


Champagne Flowers in Vase

Just the most stylish vase of flowers with beautiful pastel champagne tones and colours.
A champagne colour theme of Champagne Flowers in Vase.
With Champagne Roses, White Roses, Champagne Gerberas, White Snap Dragoon.
This Champagne Flowers in Vase is approximately 45cm high and is suitable for a wide variety of occasions

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Under liquor license laws this alcohol product must be purchased with flowers. The value of the liquor must not be more than 50% of the total gift value. The person purchasing the alcohol must be over 18 years of age. A Person aged over 18 must be home to personally receive delivery or for click and collect.

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Champagne Roses or cream roses may look similar to white roses.

However, they don’t carry the same meaning of marriage and innocence as white roses do.

These champagne-hued beauties symbolize charm, gracefulness and thoughtfulness. 

They also represent perfection and richness. 

Champagne roses make great gifts for letting someone know you care about them.

History of Roses

Roses have been cultivated in gardens for centuries.

Gardeners have a long history of loving and growing this thorny perennial.

Its sentimental appeal as a cut flower and in the garden has never wavered.

Our love of roses is rooted in several thousand years of admiration, cultivation, and hybridization.

Fossil records show roses existed 30 million years ago in Europe, Asia, and North America.

While these predecessors to today’s Valentine’s roses were less showy and floriferous, they were equally appreciated in many cultures through their long history.

In 600 B.C. the Greek poet, Sappho, wrote in a poem, “Ode to the Rose”, that this flower was considered the “Queen of flowers”.

This sentiment has been expressed many times over the centuries.

However, few cultures reveled in the admiration of roses like the Romans.

In Roman homes, petals were used to carpet the floors, to fill bathwater, to drop as confetti at parties, and even to eat.

A rose hanging from the ceiling of a civic meeting symbolized secrecy and the content of the meeting was to be kept confidential outside the walls.

Roses are thought to have first been cultivated in China, where they were grown in the imperial gardens of the Chou dynasty as described by Confucius (551-479 BC).

Many of the cultivated roses we grow today are hybrids and selections from species native to China.

These Champagne Flowers in Vase are a beautiful floral gift for friends, colleagues, family and loved ones.