Premium Long Stem 12 Red Roses Box


Premium 12 red roses box inscribed in gold lettering with words of love.

This elegant long stem 12 red roses box is a classic way to show your love to that special person in your life. A symbol of deep love, romantic feelings, and desire, red roses convey very strong and passionate emotions which makes the red roses gift box a perfect choice for couples.
Red roses are the most popular flower to send for Valentines DayRoses Boxes Rose Boxes Vase

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In ancient Greek mythology, the red rose was said to have been created when the goddess of flowers, Chloris, went walking in the woods and stumbled across the body of a lifeless nymph. Saddened by its death, she transformed the creature’s body into the most beautiful flower imaginable. When another of the gods, Aphrodite, saw her work, she was instantly smitten.

The goddess of love is said to have named the flower “rose” in honor of her son Eros, also known as Cupid. Flash forward to today, and we still celebrate Cupid’s holiday, Valentines Day with lush bouquets of vibrant red roses! View our Valentines Day Collection here


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